Saturday, March 27, 2010

Way Over Due. Claira update.

Our life has been a little crazy the past couple of months and it's not going to calm down any time soon. We put our house on the market in August, found out we were pregnant the next day, sold our house in Dec., moved in with some great friends until we found our next home in Feb. The past two months have been unpacking, getting settled and getting ready for baby #2 to arrive.I realized that my blog had totally been abandoned....and baby Grady will be here in just a few days. So, I wanted to write about how wonderful our Claira is before baby gets here and she loses complete ownership of the spotlight.

Claira and I have had an amazing few months of mommy/daughter time. She has gotten to be such a big girl and wants to do everything "my self". We have really tried to focus on putting other stuff aside to just do fun things with her. I think because of it, I have realized how much more she is capable of. She is mommy's helper whenever she can be. She sets the table, helps me cook and loves to use the Swiffer WetJet (yes, I have taught my not yet 2 year old to mop the kitchen floor).
Claira's loves right now:
Green Eggs and Ham... which has turned into the theme for her 2nd Birthday party. If there is something she doesn't want to eat on her plate, all you have to say is "Try them, try them and you may" and she will respond " You may like_________" and then takes a big bite. It's wonderful.
Princess, and Fancy Nancy. Dressing up in her fancy dress or putting on a tutu.
Playdough and watercolors.
Helping Dad with the garden.
Bubble baths with colored water.
Walking to the car "like a big girl"... I don't have to hold onto her every second and she thinks it's so cool.
Rocks... I'm not sure how many I pulled out of the car the other day. Every time she gets in she grabs another one from whatever parking lot we are in.
Picnic on a blanket; lunches in the park or popcorn in the living room before bed.
Playing the piano or dancing with her daddy.

We aren't exactly sure how much she grasps about what is going to happen in the next few days or what we mean when we say "Baby Grady will be here soon" but, it seems like she understands more than I thought she would. She is super excited about being a big sister, holding him, giving him his bottle and making sure he isn't crying. She is not a fan of loud noises at all... so it should be interesting to see how she reacts to his cry. We put the carseat base in the car the other day and every time she gets in she says "Baby Grady come out and sit in the backseat with me." She loves it when someone sit in the back with her and can't wait to not be alone back there anymore.

Ok, I could go on and on about our sweet little girl forever. She is so much fun and so full of energy. I can't believe she is about to be 2 and that we are about to have 2!
Here are a few pics of our big girl.

At the zoo.

Showing off her cute dimples.

Mopping in her "fancy dress".

In her new lime green/ladybug room. Complete with a big girl bed.

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